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Thai Stretch 

An experience in healing & restoration.

"Thai massage with Fred is therapeutic and effective in healing muscles that have been chronically problematic".    -Robert S.


"Fred gives a completely amazing Thai massage using his expertise and knowledge in the mind/body field. I leave a session feeling balanced and blissful".    -Jill H.


Fred offers private sessions in Thai Massage Stretch, a dynamic bodywork therapy based on the principles of Thai massage, contact yoga and assisted stretching. He learned this technique and received a certification from the world renowned Lotus Palm School in Montreal and has been practicing the art for nearly 20 years.


This unique 60 minute, one-on-one session is tailored to each client’s needs for healing and restoration. You will be on a floor mat wearing loose fitting lounge wear or fitness clothing moving between the various postures of sitting, lying on your back, front and each side. Comfort is attained using various props and bolsters to support you into a state of surrender and release. Essential oils and meditative music complete the experience to bring you to a whole new level of balance and relaxation.


To inquire about a session with Fred, please complete the Contact Us form.

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