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Gregg Renfrew
Founder & CEO
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"I was introduced to Fred in my mid-twenties as he taught the best Barre classes in NYC. When they launched the core barre method just before my wedding, I immediately became a devotee and still am today. The best part of the classes is that it never gets easy, it gets harder. It constantly challenges me. I am stronger in so many ways – with leaner muscles and greater flexibility. It calms my mind which is much needed in these very hectic days. CoreBarreFit is constantly challenging me and allowing me space to become stronger not only physically, but mentally as well. Even if you only have a small amount of time a day, allow yourself that time to practice – in these challenging times it’s easy to forget, but so important to do."

Michael Davies
President & CEO
Embassy Row
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"I work out a lot between boxing, weight training and I still play competitive tennis. But as I have gotten older I really needed a dynamic way to stretch and work on my core. Honestly I feel the benefits of each CoreBarreFit workout last for days after each session. I’m on a high. I am more flexible and I have longer, more lean strength. There’s no one I wouldn’t recommend it to. And especially my male friends over 35.  If CoreBarreFit isn’t part of their workout regimen they’re going to pay for it later. As amazing as the program is, I think as always in any form of sports or fitness training, the program is only as good as the people running it. Fred and Lis are so knowledgeable and inspiring. They make me want to be better."

Annbeth Eschbach
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"This class is just as much mental as it is physical. It includes intense core work wrapped with exquisite restorative work. I always finish class feeling worked out AND refreshed. Fred and Lis inspire and encourage, which keeps me firmly in the moment. This workout has always been my go-to for keeping my body in great shape while keeping my mind centered and focused. I would recommend CoreBarreFit to others because it is efficient, results producing and always challenging. This class is pure Fred + Lis: their own uniquely accessible and life-changing method."

William Sessa, PhD
Professor of Pharmacology
Yale University
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"I tried a class with Lis & Fred several years ago while visiting the Hamptons and remembered what a great, exhausting experience it was. When COVID hit and my gym shut down, I became an avid follower of CoreBarreFit. I really enjoy the incredible mind/body experience and total body workout. Also, I like the way the class combines calming thoughts with rigorous core fitness exercises. I am more flexible and toned and look forward to each class. Lis and Fred are wonderful, enthusiastic mind/body ‘mentors’ who guide the class through the experience. The thoughtful combination of exercises really helps sculpt all body parts and increases overall fitness, confidence and mindfulness."

Christine Evangelista
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"CoreBarreFit is a low impact, deep workout that gives me the strengthening and lengthening that really transforms my body. It's also a great workout for my boyfriend and I to do together. He is into boxing and pro tennis but he has really benefited from the conditioning and stretching. The best thing about CoreBarreFit is that feeling immediately after and all the energy you have! Your heart rate is at such a great speed, you know you’ve burned calories, and you did it without draining yourself. The results I’ve achieved by taking class are Abs! ABS! ABS! It is a fantastic workout no matter what your level." 

Jeffrey Hollender
Former CEO, Seventh Generation
Sheila Hollender
Co-Founder, Sustain Natural
Meika Hollender,
Co-Founder & CEO, Sustain Natural 
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"CoreBarreFit is a family affair for us!"


Sheila:"The best thing is the individual attention each participant receives during the class. Of course, the music selection is a huge plus. Working out with Fred & Elisabeth has also made me a more confident skier on the slopes."


Jeffrey: "I chose CoreBarreFit as my fitness regimen as the instructors are amazing, the work-out is fantastic, and it is convenient & fun. I would recommend CoreBarreFit to anyone looking for classes with individual instruction tailored to their specific fitness objectives."


Meika: "During pre and post-natal I especially loved this class because it kept me strong throughout my pregnancy and then got me back into shape so quickly afterwards! I love how my body feels challenged every single time, and that the CoreBarreFit class works all parts of my body." 

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