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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a livestream CoreBarre class?

During our forty five minutes together, we’ll target all of your muscle groups, using your own body weight, resulting in lean legs, lifted glutes, flat abs, and improved strength and flexibility. Join a livestream barre class, taught live, through the Zoom app via your computer, tablet or smartphone. When you register for class we will send you a unique class link for that session.

How much does it cost to take a livestream class?

We are presently offering livestream classes with a price of $20. We also hold in-studio and special live outdoor classes with prices noted on our schedule. 

Visit our Book a Class link where you can purchase single classes or buy a discounted pack of 5 or 10 classes. Our10 class pack is good for 60 days
and 5 class pack is good for 45 days.

Can I buy multiple classes to get a discount?

Yes. You can buy a pack of 5 or10 classes and save!

What do I need to take a livestream class?

You can join the class via a computer, tablet or smartphone. We will send you a unique class link when you register.

What should I expect when I take a livestream class?
  • Once you sign up for our livestream class, you will receive an invitation with a button link.  

  • Once you click into the livestream class, you may enter a ‘waiting room’.

  • The teacher will open the waiting room 5 minutes before the class begins.

  • Audio: mute your device. Feel free to unmute if you need to communicate with the teacher before or after class but all mics should be muted at the beginning of class.

  • Video: You have the option to turn your camera on or off. Once class begins, speaker view is recommended.

  • Video Feedback: We offer individual positioning and intensity feedback if we can see your movement on the screen. 

  • Keep your camera at least 6 feet from your mat and allow the camera to capture your torso from head to toe for standing positions, profile view for barre work, front view for weight work. 

  • For floor positions, angle your camera down with a profile view for all positions.

  • Chat box: If you have injuries or issues that could help the teacher serve you better, type a private message into the chat before class begins.  

What equipment do you suggest for aiding in mind-body recovery?

We recommend the suite of products available at Hyperice to help relieve tension, unlock sore muscles, and prime your body and mind to be at their best.

What livestream classes do you offer?
  • CoreBarre: Strength and flexibility exercises that target the entire body based on the correct position and alignment along with core integration.

  • CoreBarreBasics: A perfect introduction to our technique that breaks down each exercise to the most basic level with modifications and attention to the needs of each participant. Ideal if you’re new to barre, for injury recovery, and post pregnancy.

  • CoreBarreStretch: Our regular barre format with deeper focus on stretches for each position, leaving you feeling worked out from the challenge and stretched out, lengthened as well!

  • CoreBarreEnergy: Intervals of dynamic stretching, cardio and strength training followed by seamless transitions to our flagship CoreBarre format. This 60 minute workout will get you fired up and seriously energized.

  • CoreYoga: An athletic flow yoga with mindful movement based on alignment to build strength, muscle tone, and flexibility, with a focus on the core. 

  • CoreBarreRecovery: This 60 minute class combines the best elements of core strengthening and ballet-inspired movements with restorative myofascial release techniques using a foam roller. The class balances strength and stretching using your own body weight, leaving you refreshed and recovered.

  • CoreRestore: Full body stretches with a blend of mindful breathing and moving meditation, leaving you feeling rebalanced and grounded.

What do I need to prepare for the class?

In preparation, we recommend:

  • Wear comfortable workout attire.

  • Socks, athletic shoes or bare feet.

  • Barre, countertop, sturdy chair or window sill.

  • A mat or carpeted floor space for push-ups, plank, abdominals + stretching.

  • Belt, resistance band or loop for stretching (towel or robe belt work great).

  • Small hand weights (2, 3, 4, or 5 lbs.) substitute bottles or cans.

If you're interested in purchasing relevant equipment for class, here are links to the props we suggest. Save 10% by using code COREBARRE at checkout.

Where do I find information about private classes?

Reach us through our contact form to book a private class or Thai stretch, for press inquiries, partnership opportunities, teacher training and any other questions you have!

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