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Barre Exercise Intensive Part 1

Welcome to the Barre Exercise Intensive Certification (Part 1) created and presented by Elisabeth Halfpapp. This course will cover the teaching foundations and technique details for 13 of the most essential barre class exercises to achieve the safest and most effective benefits of barre.


There are no prerequisites to participate in this course; however, if your plans are to teach these barre exercises to the public it is strongly advised you hold additional certifications in group fitness, personal training, Pilates, barre, etc. This certification is to equip you to teach these specific barre exercise in a safe and effective manner, but to put them together in a group fitness or personal training setting requires additional skills.

Pricing & Included Items

The online Barre Exercise Intensive Certification is $175.00 which includes your Instructor Training Manual and over 5 hours of course material broken down into smaller video modules.

Following registration, we will ship your Instructor Manual to the address entered. Manuals will not be shipped internationally for costs over $40 or if our carrier does not deliver in your area. You will however still have access to a PDF of the manual.

We recommend you wait to begin watching the video material until after your manual is received. We reference the manual throughout most the training.
There are no required fees following your training.

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Course Syllabus

With an emphasis on barre exercise execution, you will learn the set up, action, verbal cues, hands on cues, progressions and modifications for each of the following barre exercises:

  • Reverse Push-Up

  • V-Position Thigh

  • Water Ski V-Position Thigh

  • Parallel Thigh

  • Parallel Chair

  • Leg Lifts

  • Standing Gluteal Bent Leg

  • Standing Gluteal Straight Leg

  • Pretzel

  • Flat Back

  • Round Back

  • Curl

  • Pelvic Tilt

Continuing Education Credits & Certified Status

Once completion of all video modules has taken place, you must take the online quiz. The quiz is 30 questions long and a passing score of 25/30 or higher must be received. All those that receive a passing score will be emailed their certificate. You can take the quiz as many times as needed in order to pass. The quiz is not timed.

This course is still being reviewed but our goal is to provide .6 ACE CECs, 6 AFAA CEUs and 6 ACSM CECs. 

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